Having a Moment with Stand-out Kitchen Details

Hello lovely people, and happy spring! If you’ve been following me for some time, you know I love spring. It feels so fresh and new, and makes me just want to clean up and get all my things in order. This season we’re preparing to re-do our kitchen, something I’ve been wanting to do since forever. And I’ve been thinking a lot about the details I’d like to have. I want my kitchen to be modern and elegant with interesting details that make it unique and give it that extra oomph. So I decided to do some browsing around for inspiration, and made it a point to pay attention to anything that made me stop and look. I’m learning to trust my gut, and if there’s something that peaks my interest, I study and try to figure out what about it makes me drawn to it. Here are some kitchens with stand-out details that made me look twice.
glam kitchenMyDomaine
While high-gloss, glam kitchens aren’t as cutting edge as they used to be; and yes, gold is everywhere and kind of losing it edge, I still love this kitchen for its interesting mix of styles and textures. I love the glossy brass stools, and I can’t say enough about that pink marble table. Although you can’t see it in the pic, the other side of the room morphs into a sort of chic vintage vibe with mid-century chairs and a floral rug; and the touches of silver tone down the brass. Altogether it feels very chic retro lady.
Farmhouse Kitchen by Newtown Kitchen & Bath DesignersBare Root Design Studio
This farmhouse kitchen with it’s shaker style furniture feels very warm and inviting. And that leopard cube? I’d say it’s the exclamation point in the room. I like that it functions as a very transitional piece. Here  it’s classic American, but it would look equally comfortable in a modern, glamorous space.
Industrial Kitchen
The turquoise cabinetry gives this industrial style kitchen an artsy vibe. It’s modern, fun, and not too precious, perfect for someone who likes to be creative in the kitchen.
ombre-mirrored-pendant-cWest Elm
When I first saw this wallpaper, I thought it was floral. And while the marble look is quite nice, I thought it’d be really cool to have a floral wallpaper juxtaposed against the ultra modern light to give it an eclectic feel.
mirrorThe Kitchn
When you don’t have a window over your kitchen sink, hanging a mirror there instead adds light and opens up the space a bit. I really like how the mirror reveals glimpses of the other side of the kitchen. And what do you think of that  pink dish drainer? I adore it. I know dish drainers aren’t often thought of as desirable décor, but just like an outdoor clothes line, there’s something so romantic about it. It reminds me of kitchens long ago before people used dishwashers. Instead of hiding it, find one you look and show it off.
subway tile wallElle Décor
How can you miss the black and white tiger in the room? While I may not be inclined to hang a picture of a tiger in my kitchen, I love the idea of an oversized portrait. It’s something you might expect to see in a living room but not so much a kitchen, which is why I love it here.
kitchen rugTurbulances Deco
I enjoy putting non-traditional rugs in kitchens, and an ethnic rug  gives this  modern kitchen some soul, don’t you think?
Justina-Blakeney_Jungalow-kitchen-lr-9The Jungalow
I’m really digging these colored handmade backsplash tiles. It adds so much texture and depth to this simply styled kitchen. Even if you can’t find handmade tiles, colored tiles are a nice way to add interest to an otherwise simple, understated kitchen.
chandelierElle Décor
This white, sparsely decorated kitchen could feel sterile were it not for a few carefully placed points of interest like the sophisticated vintage stools and the cool, vintage chandelier. In fact, the white kitchen actually makes the chandelier stand out, making it the star of the show.

So these are a few kitchen details that caught my eye. And in case you wanted some ideas to make your kitchen stand-out, I’ve compiled a few interesting pieces drawn from my inspirations. You’ll notice a mirror for over the kitchen sink, the brass stools, the floral wallpaper with the modern light, the vintage light and more. Try any one of them and see if they add that extra something to your kitchen.

standout kitchens