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Hi! I’m Sarah, and welcome to my passion project. I’m a licensed psychologist (Ph.D.) by trade, and after years of graduate school, internships, and licensing exams,  I needed an outlet to express my creative passions, namely fashion and design. So I started this blog in November 2012. What does psychology have to do with design, you say? Well, since psychology relates to pretty much everything we do, it has a whole lot to do with it, my friend. Psychology can be used as a tool, not only to help us better our lives, but also  to help us better understand how we use design in our lives, help us better express ourselves through design, and help us better understand our design choices. So I created this blog to do all of that, without using too much of the sometimes complicated psychological jargon. I simply want to encourage a healthy mindset, share my creative passions, and use my knowledge of psychology to do it in a way that inspires an authentic lifestyle, hence the name Truly Blog.

Since I started this blog over three years ago, I’ve been transitioning to a creative career that includes freelance writing, and interior and wardrobe consulting. My new consulting service is still in the development phase, but will essentially use psychology to assist people with creating meaningful spaces and/or achieving a wardrobe that is reflective of their authentic style.  I’m so excited to be expanding my career from a helping professional to a both a helping and creative professional, and hope that you will join me on my journey.

You may also find bits and pieces of my personal life throughout my posts. I have a wonderful hubby, 3 children (including a brand new baby!) and a strong Christian faith that inadvertently makes it’s way into my posts from time to time. So without further ado, take a look around and enjoy!

*all photos are credited unless they are my own.